In June we are spearheading a region wide prayer walk. On June 1st churches from all over will gather in their local area to pray for our civic leaders, social ills in our community, God’s plan for our cities, and share the love of Christ. We want your church to join us by gathering as many of your congregants to hit the streets for one hour, to pray and walk the streets. 

Steps for execution:

  1. Announce it to your church
  2. Get volunteers to sign up to participate
  3. Pray with us on a shared list of points geared toward our city around your churches area (10am – 11:30am)  
  4. Optional: Attend a unity rally immediately following 12 noon at All Nations San Bernardino

We will provide:

  • Scripts
  • Flyer  
  • Schedule
  • Tips for success
  • On site coordinator for the day
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