30 Day Journal: 30 Days and Ways To Stay Free


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The body of Christ has been split on demons, the devil, deliverance, possession and oppression for many years. We believe that deliverance is the children’s bread, and it belongs to the children of God. Through years of church planting and serving the local church we have seen so many healed, set free and delivered. Unfortunately we have seen many of the same people go back to their sin, get stuck in cycles, and become overwhelmed by forces that were beyond their control.

30 Days and Ways To Stay Free is an interactive journal that is the believers companion to maintaining their deliverance. It is very important that believers not only get free but STAY FREE. Get ready to transform the effects of being a victim into the declarations of being victorious. The book walks you through 30 days of winning in the promise of Freedom. It is separated into 3 sections each day that will provide you with scriptures to apply to your journey, challenge you to do more deep work through written response, and finally push you to delve into the Bible and create personal accountability in the word. It’s a quick but powerful interactive experience that will lead to the feet of Jesus who is the true giver of deliverance and keeper of our souls.


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